Food Taint Test Passed

DX Hand Gel

DX Hand Gel is an alcohol-free hand-rub gel that quickly and effectively eliminates all bacterial contamination.

The patent-pending formulation is a brand-new way of thinking – a novel blend of active ingredients which gives rapid antimicrobial action. The gel does not contain any alcohol or degreasing surfactants, so can be used repeatedly without any degreasing, chafing or drying of skin. Furthermore, the addition of specific emollients leaves the hands soft and moisturised.

When tested by the protocol of BS EN 1500, DX Hand Gel performed as well as the reference material (60% Propan-2-ol), thus passing the required standard for a hygienic hand rub.

DX Hand Gel is a combination of actives leaving the skin with a clean, fresh odour, which, along with the moisturising effect are particular signifiers of the application of an effective product to the user.

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