Innovations for Healthcare

Hospital acquired infections can have devastating consequences on vulnerable patients, particularly the elderly and the very young. Continuous disinfection has proven to reduce the spread of infections.

DIFFX products have demonstrated that their use in an acute infected environment leads to a significant reduction in bed and ward closure days when compared to standard disinfectant and cleaning agents.

MTP’s aim is to encourage continuous disinfection using DIFFX as a daily disinfectant / cleaning agent. DIFFX effectiveness is supported with proven facts and statistics to enable infection control teams to make informed decisions when introducing the product.


DIFFX Disinfection Sachets

DIFFX Disinfection is a revolutionary system for surface disinfection that safely eliminates all bacterial, viral and spore contamination in a very simple and easy-to-use delivery system. Available in both sachet and tablet form.

The patent-pending sachet is made from a fully water-soluble film that dissolves quickly in warm water to release the powdered formulation within, which when dissolved, generates a powerful bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal solution.

The solution generated by the dissolved sachet or tablet contains Peracetic Acid, one of the most powerful disinfectants known, with particular efficiency against spores such as Bacillus subtilis and Clostridium difficile (BS EN 13704).

DIFFX and its contents have been carefully formulated for ease of use. The sachet or tablet will dissolve in warm water to give a solution ready to use within minutes. The solution cannot and will not be affected by soil and dirt, and will continue to be effective even in the most challenging of conditions.

“The product is easy to use, does not leave any lingering smell unlike the chlorine based product we were using and the sinks are looking shiny.”

Domestic on a children’s ward